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so why not spend the time waiting catching up with our previous topics on

Have a great week everybody!

Here it is, the new blog post just as we promised! Take a break, have a read, and have a very good weekend!

New Jelly Wars 2.0 Developer Blog post tomorrow! Reading about the creation of a game’s audio world is something we like to consider as a good way to start a weekend!

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The weekend was once again short and over too quickly. But luckily a new week means a new blog post! The end of this week, a new weekend, and a new blog post are surprisingly close!


Wamda covered us and our future plans in their great article from last month.

"The games are alive with the sound of music…"

The story on our sound guy Torsti and the work he does is almost ready! If you have some questions you’d like the story to cover we might still be able to slip them in.

Are you ready for the beats?


Source:tumblr user Divaknight

Audio audio!

Our next blog post will be about the audio world of “Jelly Wars 2.0”. Do you have any questions you’d like to have an answer to about the creation of the sound world of the game? If so, throw those in our ask!

Waiting is tiring, isn’t it?

While waiting for a new blog post about “Jelly Wars 2.0" to come out, why not get reacquainted with our other favorites? Here are some links for different platforms:


Diamonds Paradise:


King of Words:

You can also find both games on Facebook. Let’s have a match!

We’re back!

And guess what else is making a comeback? You asked for it, and we provided: the new Jelly Wars 2.0 is coming out later this year! Follow up on the development process by following our developer blog - the newest blog post has first gameplay footage from the new game.

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Diamond Paradise top 10 is updated for week 22!

Diamond Paradise top 10 is updated for week 22!